Laguna Honda-Forest Hill-Mt. Davidson
The Poor Farm, the Rich Hills, and the Easter Cross
Miles:     4-5 (your choice)
Hilliness, scale of 1-5:     5
Terrain:     Dirt paths, paved roads, some stairs
The top of Mt. Davidson, covered with eucalyptus forest, is the highest point in San Francisco and the site of the controversial mammoth Easter cross. The wonderful old buildings of Laguna Honda Hospital and Home are located in a large park that was the site of the city's poor farm in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Between them are Forest Hill and Laguna Honda Hill, two very different privileged residential neighborhoods from different eras. Trees on Mt. Davidson / photo: Martha Shelley
On the grounds of Laguna Honda Hospital / photo: Martha Shelley   A path on Mt. Davidson / photo: Martha Shelley   Laguna Honda Hospital entrance / photo: Martha Shelley