Bernal Heights
Rural San Francisco
Miles:     5.5
Hilliness, scale of 1-5:     5
Terrain:     Paved streets, dirt paths, lots of stairs
The playful Bernal hike takes you through a neighborhood that is peaceful, remote, and rural in feeling even though situated immediately above an industrial area. The hike climbs up and down Bernal Hill's odd little streets from every side, ending in a glorious, panoramic, southern view of most of San Francisco. Top of Bernal Hill in fog / photo: Paula Barish
A road in Bernal Heights / photo: Paula Barish   Red chert hillside / photo: Martha Shelley   Cactus on Bernal Hill / photo: Martha Shelley
Esmeralda Street slide / photo: Martha Shelley   A stairway street in Bernal Heights / photo: Teresa Taiclet   Grassy hillside / photo: Martha Shelley