Golden Gate Park West
The Wild Side
Miles:     5
Hilliness, scale of 1-5:     2
Terrain:     Dirt paths and paved paths
This hike starts at the restored WPA-era Beach Chalet and wanders up one side of the park to Stow Lake and down the other. You have a good chance of seeing great blue herons and their nests, red-tailed hawks, a large number of ravens and red-winged blackbirds, a herd of bison, model yacht enthusiasts, and other wildlife. Great blue heron on a pagoda / photo: Paula Barish
Stow Lake / photo: Paula Barish   Latvians playing chess below Spreckles Lake / photo: Martha Shelley   A path above Lloyd Lake / photo: Martha Shelley
The Dutch windmill / photo: Liz Kantor   Great egret in Lloyd Lake / photo: Martha Shelley   Late afternoon sun through Monterey cypress / photo: Martha Shelley