Land's End-Seacliff-Sutro
The One Most Beautiful Walk
Miles:     4 - 5.5, your choice
Hilliness, scale of 1-5:     4
Terrain:     Park roads, dirt paths, city streets, stairs
This is our vote for the one most beautiful hike in a city of beautiful hikes. It starts at the restored WPA-era Beach Chalet, pays a visit to Sutro Baths and the Cliff House, climbs up through Sutro Park and the Veteran's Administration Hospital, tours the Seacliff neighborhood, and returns along the astonishingly lovely Land's End trail. On the wilder parts of this walk it is hard to believe that you are in a city at all. Sutro Baths / photo: Alcantara-Allen
Panoramic view from Land's End / photo: Alcantara-Allen
Golden Gate Bridge from Land's End / photo: Alcantara-Allen         Looking toward Marin headlands / photo: Paula Barish
Cliffs and ocean at Land's End / photo: Paula Barish Cliff with walkway at Sutro Baths / photo: Alcantara-Allen View from Sutro Park / photo: Paula Barish