Presidio-Baker Beach
The Golden Gate Bridge and Western Cliffs
Miles:     5.5
Hilliness, scale of 1-5:     4
Terrain:     Dirt paths, paved park roads, sandy beach
This hike starts at Baker Beach, climbs past fields of newly restored native wildflowers, wanders through odd back alleys and side trails of the Presidio, and discovers some truly unusual views of the Golden Gate Bridge before descending the western cliffs back to the beach. This is our own favorite hike. Golden Gate Bridge from above Fort Point / photo: Paula Barish
Golden Gate Bridge from western cliffs / photo: Paula Barish Earthworks tunnel (yes, we go through it) / photo: Alcantara-Allen Golden Gate Bridge from eastern cliff / photo: Alcantara-Allen
The bridge at twilight / photo: Paula Barish         Under the Golden Gate Bridge / photo: Paula Barish